8/16/16 Episode 13: Yellow Gray

Songwriter, vocalist and scholar of Maya culture and anthropology, Yellow Gray, shares a new song! and revelations that occurred upon discovering she was BiPolar and finding balance with the right medication that allows her to be her true self and stay focused on personal goals. 

7/19/16 Episode 11: Jessie Montoro

Sewing professional and tattooed goddess (imho), Jessie Montoro (Jess Johnson), invites us into the comfort zone of her mind where various characters (that sometimes come out to play!) bring balance and help her forge ahead when times are tough.

See more Jess Johnson creations  here

See more Jess Johnson creations here

7/5/16 Episode 10: Shawn Taylor

Find Collecting Obsessions on  Facebook

Find Collecting Obsessions on Facebook

Vintage collector, vendor and CEO of Collecting Obsessions, Shawn Taylor, invites Zen Noodle Pie to our first on location interview (so fun!) and shares some favorite keepers and how Alfred E. Neuman is a frequent companion in the quest for calm.

See photos from our visit and other referenced items on our Twitter feed and Facebook page. 

6/21/16 Episode 9: Kim Ware

Follow Kim on  Twitter.  Download referenced song,  Cold in California , and more!

Follow Kim on Twitter. Download referenced song, Cold in California, and more!

Writer, musician, and taco enthusiast (that's just FYI- we didn't even touch on her intense love of tacos!), Kim Ware, talks morning rituals, importance of solitude and how she gets from nervous "forgetting the quilt" (school play reference) to confident- opening for the Indigo Girls with her band, the Good Graces. 

The Good Graces name and  grace   tattoo memorialize Kim W's Grandmother.

The Good Graces name and grace  tattoo memorialize Kim W's Grandmother.

6/7/16 Episode 8: Chris Lopez

Writer/musician, Chris Lopez (the Rock*A*Teens), shares his experience with panic attacks, how he stays relaxed these days, and a bit of history garnered on a memorable trip to Cumberland Island (GA).

Hear Reckless Needs, my (KMD) duet with Chris, onSpotify.

Here's a link to the book (and great deal!) that really helped me in the eye of my own panic attack hurricane years ago: Women's Moods.

Follow Chris and the Rock*A*Teens on  Twitter  and  Instagram

Follow Chris and the Rock*A*Teens on Twitter and Instagram