4/4/17 Episode 28: John Speaks

Listen in on this in depth conversation between myself, KMD, and Atlanta drummer-in-demand, John Speaks.  John is one of those people that brings the cheer. Always a happy encounter.  We talk about his journey from being a kid, riding his BMX to the small-town vinyl shop and drumming on the school snare, to playing full sets in (today) three rock bands and, most recently, being called upon to bring his charming drum style to the screen in Lee Daniels television drama, Star, with Queen Latifah. As I suspected, my pal John doesn't have a whole lot of anxieties. Maybe the drums are key! Though, as he shares, the drums do cause some anxiety in a recurring dream... Enjoy!

Check out John's current projects: Young Antiques, Map of the Moon and Smithsonian.

Listen to Map of the Moon tune Caught in the Middle at full volume on Spotify.