9/4/18 Episode 47: KMD Back for Fall!


Hello friends. I've been madly recording this latest LP of songs and finally finished tracking! Just in time to pick back up for some Fall and Holiday ZNP episodes 2018. This makes me happy- It's my favorite time of year after all. To celebrate I made a little Spotify playlist of female writing and music-making friends of mine to play while I shoot the breeze. I've been feeling really great- I did have the opportunity to talk a young woman through a panic attack a few weeks ago and I was so happy I could do so from a real place of understanding. I've been enjoying ASMR as another tool and something that helps me zone out. I feel like I may have spoken about that earlier in the year so forgive me as I get back on track. I booked my pal- Rock*a*teens drummer, T Ballard Lesemann, to come have a ZNP chat w/ me in the next week so you can look forward to that. For now, Enjoy my banter as I talk over several tunes by lady writers/musicians that inspire me.